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Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

Equipment used for chemical, semi-chemical, thermal and bleaching pulping studies of cellulosic materials.
Software for operating, programming, register and control of variables of laboratory digester.
Laboratory sheet former used to prepare and dry sheets according to Rapid Köethen method.
Equipment used for the determination of necessary torque to close and open threaded lids.
Equipment used for the determination of stiffness to bending of board.
Cobb is used for the determination of water absorbency of sized paper, board and corrugated paperboard.
Viscosimeter type Stein Hall is used for the control of the viscosity of starch adhesives, used for the production of corrugated fibreboard.
Laboratory disc refiner used for pilot refining studies of pulp.
Laboratory beater used for pulp beating / refining studies of pulp according to Valley method.

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