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Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

Simply Offset: Print unit to produce colour strips with conventional or UV offset inks.
TackOscope-3 model SC: to measure the tack of a paste ink or varnish, with a build in computer and thermostatic waterbath and an automated roller lifting system on the measuring and distribution rollers.
Rub tester to test under specified rub materials, pressure and speed for four samples.
Dedicated tester to produce colour prints of conventional and UV offset inks. Also available in a version with a 3-position printing shaft for three densities of three colours on the same strip.
The IGT supplies three ranges of multi-propose printability testers: Amsterdam, Global Standard Tester and AIC2-5T2000 series. They are used to carry out a wide range of tests on paper, cardboard, foils of other substrates with offset, gravure or flexo inks. Fields of application are quality control and research. Models are available with constant or increasing […]
Instrument for determination of lint and/or dust on paper and tissue.
Printability tester for flexo inks, can also be used for gravure prints, performed with anilox and photopolymer cleaning mode.
The IGT Gloss Meter G60 is a handheld device to measure gloss values under a 60° angle; the G75 is a version for the 75° TAPPI method. The IGT Gloss Meter G268 is able to do measurements in 3 different angles in one measurement.
Printability tester to produce colour prints with conventional and UV offset inks.

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