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Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

Cobb is used for the determination of water absorbency of sized paper, board and corrugated paperboard.
Equipment used for the determination of stiffness to bending of board.
Equipment used to determine the water resistance of glue bond to stand wet conditions by immersion in water.
Device designed for preparation of test pieces for the accurate measurement of the WVTR – Water Vapour Transmission Rate – of sheeted materials like paper, board, plastics, aluminum, rubber, etc.
Equipment used for chemical, semi-chemical, thermal and bleaching pulping studies of cellulosic materials.
Used to wash pulp and wood ships after pulping process in laboratory digester.
Software for operating, programming, register and control of variables of laboratory digester.
The Heavy Duty Tear Tester/Heavy Duty Elmendorf  tests fabrics such as canvas, sailcloth and denim . Thwing-Albert’s Heavy Duty Tear Tester uses the same software as our standard ProTear® Tear Tester, and this rugged instrument tests up to 25,600 grams to measure Elmendorf Tear Strength.
Measure the combined effects of flexibility and surface friction of sheeted materials including nonwovens, tissue, toweling, film and textiles with the Handle-O-Meter.

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