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Graphic Industry

Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

Equipment used for tensile strength, compression and flexibility of many materials and products.
Equipment used for the determinations of resistance of printed surfaces to abrasion according to Sutherland method.
Equipment used for the determination of coefficient of friction (COF) – horizontal test method – of sheet materials and peel resistance of labels and tapes.
The QuickPeek Color Proofing Kit consists of a sturdy wooden case equipped with the tools needed to proof ink for printing.  This ink proofing kit is used to quickly produce a proof that replicates how ink will appear on a printed copy from the press.
Simulating the dynamic conditions that occur in the ink-distributing system of a press, the Inkometer provides reliable data on the tack and length of ink.
KHEOPS is a laboratory sensor which allows you to accurately evaluate: – the quality of offset impression, mottling, and the quality and precision of the coating application, – the roughness of the surface of paper, board or other flat material.
Simply Offset: Print unit to produce colour strips with conventional or UV offset inks.
TackOscope-3 model SC: to measure the tack of a paste ink or varnish, with a build in computer and thermostatic waterbath and an automated roller lifting system on the measuring and distribution rollers.
Rub tester to test under specified rub materials, pressure and speed for four samples.

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