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Companies represented by Regmed. REGMED is exclusive distributer of these brands and supplies complete service, training and waranty to their products.

Paper testing instruments: dynamic absorption, dynamic hydro expansion, moisture, internal bond stregth, Bekk smoothness.

Packing, plastic and foam testing instruments: drop, compression, puncture, abrasion, friction, tensile strgth.

Laboratory equipment for printability and tack tests: coverage, abrasion, wet pick, wet repelience, mottle, printing penetration, offset, flexo, gravure, paper, board, corrugated paperboard, plastic, metal.

Instruments for paper and plastic roll hardness test.

Laboratory equipment for pulp analysis: zero span strength and contaminent analyzer.

On-line equipment for process control: dirt, paper formation, fiber morphology.

Laboratory equipments for pulp tests: fiber morphology including wall thickness, retention,drainaje, stiecks, sheet formation with fiber orientation, sheets drying.

Laboratory equipment for paper test: formation, surface, dimensional stability.

Laboratory equipment for pulp tests: flotation, pulping, formation and drying.

Laboratory equipment for paper and plastic film testing: tear, tensile strength, permeability, friction, stiffness, delamination.

Laboratory equipment for packaging tests: crease, sealing, water vapour permeability, opening force.

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