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Paper and Cardboard

Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

Equipment used to cut with great accuracy materials as paper, board, plastic films, aluminum foils and non woven.
Equipment used for determination of tensile properties of paper, board and tissue paper. Specific tests according to each technical standard.
Equipment used to prepare corrugated test pieces for CMT and CCT tests.
Equipment used for the determination of stiffness to bending of board.
Cobb is used for the determination of water absorbency of sized paper, board and corrugated paperboard.
Device designed for preparation of test pieces for the accurate measurement of the WVTR – Water Vapour Transmission Rate – of sheeted materials like paper, board, plastics, aluminum, rubber, etc.
The Equotip 550 Leeb U is the successor of the Parotester and perfectly suited for large rolls, thin foils and films. The new generation touchscreen offers an elaborate interface designed by industry experts for increased efficiency and an exceptional user experience. The enhanced software provides many helpful functions such as wizards and custom reporting.
The PaperSchmidt is the first integrated rebound hammer designed specifically for the testing of roll profiles. It features high accuracy and repeatability and delivers instantly all key parameters required for assessing the roll quality. The PaperSchmidt has an extended lifetime to cope with the heavy demands of the paper industry.
Equipment used for the determination of air permeability of paper and board according to the Gurley method.

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