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Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

Equipment used for separating contaminants, such as shives, stickies, flakes and particles, from a pulp slurry, according to Somerville method.
Equipment used for the determination of freeness / drainability of pulp according to Canadian Freeness method.
Pulp fiber classifier according to Brecht Holl method.
Equipment used to  homogeneously mix pulp suspensions of already properly disintegrated fibres avoiding sedimentation and without causing any changes in their structural properties.
Equipment used for quick determination of ash in paper and board on ignition at 900ºC.
Equipment used for the determination of coefficient of friction (COF) – horizontal test method – of sheet materials and peel resistance of labels and tapes.  
Equipment used for many compression strength tests of corrugated paper board and its components (liner and medium paper). Tests according to each specific technical standard.
Equipment used to cut with great accuracy materials as paper, board, plastic films, aluminum foils and non woven.
Laboratory disc refiner used for pilot refining studies of pulp.

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