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Corrugated Cardboard

Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

Equipment used for the determination of thickness of paper, board, corrugated paperboard and tissue paper.
The 1270 PCA measures the force to open or bend paperboard and scored paper carton.
The ProGage utilizes the most advanced technology to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of sheeted materials such as paper, plastic film, tissue and toweling, nonwovens, and textiles.
Equipment used for quick determination of ash in paper and board on ignition at 900ºC.
Equipment used for many compression strength tests of corrugated paper board and its components (liner and medium paper). Tests according to each specific technical standard.
Equipment used for the determination of stiffness to bending of board.
Viscosimeter type Stein Hall is used for the control of the viscosity of starch adhesives, used for the production of corrugated fibreboard.
Equipment used to prepare corrugated test pieces for CMT and CCT tests.
Equipment used for evaluation of compression strength of paper and board (liner and medium paper) used to manufacture corrugated paperboard. Test according to ISO 9895 and TAPPI T-826