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Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

The FRET is specifically designed for investigative testing of additive influences on pulp quality. The FRET retention tester) is an ideal and unique tool for controlling and setting up new chemicals, testing new wires, identifying additive problems and developing new paper products.
For continuous on-line monitoring of pulp, providing quick, depenable and repeatable data feedback in a cost effective way to meet the ever increasing demands in pulp production and use.
Accurate measurement of ink, dirt, shives and stickies SIMPALAB is a laboratory sensor dedicated to an accurate dirt counting on: – a sheet of paper (by reflected light) – a handsheet (by reflected or transmitted light)
The Simpatic 2IP is the perfect tool for online particle detection, is simple to install, easy to use and perfectly representative of the process contamination.
The slosh box apparatus is designed especially to proceed with disintegration tests as per EDANA FG502 guidelines, providing mechanical agitation in water or wastewater.
The Pulmac Automated Z-Span™ Tester offers an automated zero span and short span testing capability. Once the sample handsheets or strip are loaded onto the feed tray, 24 wet/dry, zero/short span tests are executed during a five minute testing sequence. Following termination of the testing sequence, test results are displayed on the operator interface terminal […]
The DirtScan 200E™ is designed to be used with the Pulmac MasterScreen™ to generate measurements of dirt. The Pulmac MasterScreen™ will deposit concentrated contaminants onto a 22 cm diameter filter paper. Contaminants are transformed to TAPPI dirt measurements.
The MasterScreen™ is a low consistency screening device designed to mechanically separate fibers from contaminants, including stickies, dirt, shives, vessel cell elements, plastics and hot melts. Contaminants are deposited automatically onto a filter paper for display and analysis.
Pulmac’s PSE System™ offers a complete Z-Span™ technology package in one compact and highly automated system. Any pulp or stock sample is first prepared at the PSE System’s work station. The resulting slurry is then poured into the sheet former reservoir and 8 minutes after activation, 6 sample sheets are automatically delivered, ready to be […]