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Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

The emco AP 500-M6 moisture meter is a digital hand-held measuring device for the quick and mobile moisture determination without sampling to detect moisture accumulation in stacks and bales of recovered paper. The meter determines the absolute moisture content of waste paper by simply pressing it on. This moisture content makes it possible to calculate […]
Linear Thermal Shrinkage or Free Shrink is defined as the irreversible and rapid reduction in linear dimension, in a specified direction, occurring in film exposed to elevated temperatures.
emco DDPM is a modular accessory for the emco DPM. It suites for the high-dynamic measurement of expansion and absorption capacity.
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The dynamic penetration measurement of emco is based on absolute, calibrated ultrasonic transmission measurement. It is used as an innovative method for analysis of the nature of paper and other materials, liquids and the dynamic of their interaction.
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The emco GPR is a smoothness tester according to Bekk for paper with automatic compensation of air pressure. The smoothness or roughness is a substantial surface property of papers, cardboard and cartons. The quality of the surface structure has a great influence on the printability and any form of coating.
The emco IBT Internal Bond Tester realizes a dynamic measuring principle for determination of the splitting strength of paper, cardboard and compound systems.
The Auto FPT is used for monitoring the porosity of flexible cellular polyurethane.

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