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Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

MorFi is a powerful research and quality control tool designed to perform a complete morphological characterisation of the entire fibrous population. The analysis is done on a fiber network, allowing that the measurement occurs in the fibers’natural unrestrained environment
A powerful, and efficient solution for fiber morphology measurement. MorFi Neo is equiped with the latest camera technology, and utilizing an enhanced resolution for the best image treatment. It is designed for day to day production control, routine laboratory tests, and also for R&D purposes. With the new resolution, we are able to measure the […]
KHEOPS is a laboratory sensor which allows you to accurately evaluate: – the quality of offset impression, mottling, and the quality and precision of the coating application, – the roughness of the surface of paper, board or other flat material.
The StickyScan 200E™ is designed to be an accessory to the Pulmac MasterScreen™ to generate measurements of stickies. The Pulmac MasterScreen™ will deposit concentrated contaminants onto a 22 cm diameter filter paper. These contaminants can be transformed to stickies measurement using several test methods including: Laminator, TAPPI, and INGEDE.
Robust hand-held meter for the mobile determination of relative humidity and temperature, moisture and dew point. Automatic climate monitoring of printing rooms and paper warehouses.
For quick and non-destructive detection of moisture in loose recycling paper. Handy, rugged and mobile. Quick and highly accurate measurement using a non-destructive method. Digital index in % water content.
Moisture determination of pulp sheets in stacks. Quick and highly accurate measurement using a non-destructive method. Application for different types of pulp. Handy, rugged and mobile.
PMM is a device system for the print job-related determination of the equilibrium moisture in printed products and documentation in a database. The moisture content determines the nature of paper, all process properties, and settings.
Equipment used for evaluation of compression strength of paper and board (liner and medium paper) used to manufacture corrugated paperboard. Test according to ISO 9895 and TAPPI T-826

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