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Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

Equipment used for separating contaminants, such as shives, stickies, flakes and particles, from a pulp slurry, according to Somerville method.
Pulp fiber classifier according to Brecht Holl method.
Equipment used to  homogeneously mix pulp suspensions of already properly disintegrated fibres avoiding sedimentation and without causing any changes in their structural properties.
LabDigest is used for pulping studies of cellulosic materials and biomass. The process is performed in a closed circuit where the black liquor is circulated through the cooking vessel, promoting perfect interaction between wood chips and liquor, resulting in a homogeneous cooking of all cellulosic material
Equipment used to prepare pulp suspensions for drainability test and laboratory sheets formation.
Equipment used for determination of refining degree / drainability of pulp according to Schopper Riegler method.
Laboratory press used for pressing laboratory formed sheets according to conventional method.
Laboratory sheet former used to prepare square sheets according to conventional method.
Bench sheet dryer used to dry laboratory formed sheets according to Rapid Köthen method.  

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