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Here are presented all products supplied by REGMED.

Column laboratory sheet former used to prepare sheets according to Rapid Köthen method.
Simulating the dynamic conditions that occur in the ink-distributing system of a press, the Inkometer provides reliable data on the tack and length of ink.
The JDC has become the accepted standard for most corporations worldwide for preparing samples of paper, paperboard, metal foils, nonwovens, films, tissue and a variety of other materials. Lightweight and portable, the JDC features a 20” base length for added leverage and stability along with operator safety.
Laboratory sheet former with integrated homogenizing and  automatic dosing systems used to prepare sheets according to conventional method. Options: circular or square sheets.
Laboratory sheet former used to prepare square sheets according to conventional method.
Accessory of disintegrator DSG-21 for the removal of latency of all kind of mechanical, semi-mechanical and chemi-mechanical pulps exhibiting latency.
Equipment is a high performance laboratory pulp fluffer that quickly produces fluffed pulp for further use for chemical & physical routine tests.
Laboratory reactor is designed for pilot chemical, semi-chemical and thermal pre-treatments of several types of biomass.

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